Uniting USA & Vietnam with professional, experienced & proven legal services.
from the desk of Kieu Anh Do, Esq.
Practice Areas

♦ Immigration to the United States & Vietnam
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1. Travel and Immigration to the US
  • Immigration based on marriage (fiancé K1 visa or spousal K3 visa)
  • Immigration based on employment (work visas)
  • Immigration based on investment to the US (L visa and E visa)
  • Immigration based on familial relation with US citizen or permanent residents
  • Non-immigration visas (student, tourism & business visas)
2. Immigration to Vietnam
  • Permanent return to Vietnam for overseas Vietnamese;
  • Certificate of Vietnamese origin
  • Labor permits for foreign workers in Vietnam
♦ Contract & Commercial Law
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  • Advise, negotiate and draft contracts with US / Vietnamese partners;
  • Due diligent research on US / Vietnamese partners;
  • Advise on commercial law and import/export procedures of the US and Vietnam;
  • Advise on distribution and agency agreements with US / Vietnamese partners;
♦ Corporate Law
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  • Provide legal assistance to set up companies or open branches/offices in the US and Vietnam;
  • Advise on labor and employment law applied to employees working in Vietnam or the US;
  • Provide other legal services relating to the operation of companies in the US and Vietnam (tax issues, office rental, obtaining necessary permits and certificates, etc.)
♦ Investment into the US or Vietnam
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  • Provide legal assistance to foreign investors investing in the US;
  • Provide legal assistance to US companies investing into Vietnam;
  • Advise on tax issues, investment incentives and other matters relating to foreign investment in Vietnam;
  • Advise on special treatments applicable to overseas Vietnamese investing in Vietnam.
♦ Real Estate
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1. Buying and selling real estate in the US
  • Assistance in all steps of real estate investment to ensure that your purchase/sale is safe and trouble free, including drafting or reviewing sale contract, deeds, title search and closing process.
  • Close relationships with real estate agents and assets management firms in the US will enable clients to get the best value for their investment.
  • Assistance in obtaining mortgage from US banks and other lenders to finance purchase of real estate in the US.
2. Buying and selling real estate in Vietnam
  • The new law of Vietnam allows overseas Vietnamese and foreigners who meet certain conditions to purchase houses in Vietnam. In addition, Vietnamese living overseas but still maintaining Vietnamese citizenship have full rights to own land and houses in Vietnam as local people.
  • Provide advice on the requirements to own homes and land in Vietnam and assist clients in reviewing contracts, deeds, title search and closing process in order to obtain the ownership certificate for real estate in Vietnam.
♦ Dispute Resolution
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  • Kieu Anh Do is qualified to represent clients in all courts and arbitral tribunals of New York State and Vietnam. She can be involved in all litigation processes to protect clients interests in both jurisdictions including but not limited to initiating lawsuits, negotiation and settlement of disputes; enforcement of judgment or arbitral awards in the US or Vietnam.
♦ Marriage to Vietnamese Citizens
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  • Provide legal assistance on the procedures and requirements to marry a Vietnamese citizen in the US or Vietnam;
  • Advise, review and/or draft prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements;
♦ Adoption of Vietnamese Orphans
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  • Provide legal assistance on the process and dossier to adopt Vietnamese orphans.
♦ Other Legal Services
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  • Review and draft legal documents such as Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, etc.
  • Translation of legal documents from Vietnamese into English and vice versa.
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